Originally from Ayrshire, Campbell Hart lives in Glasgow with wife, Lisa, and their two boys.

A qualified broadcast journalist he's been a professional writer for more than twenty years in commercial radio, BBC Scotland, and for various public and private sector organisations.

Books by the author include the best selling crime fiction trilogy featuring DI John Arbogast (Wilderness, The Nationalist,and Referendum), and ghost story anthology, The Cold, Black Sea

Fresh crime fiction is currently in the pipeline.

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Referendum by Campbell Hart

The Cold, Black Sea: Ghost Stories

There’s something rotten at the heart of the Balfour family. These three stories highlight the darker side of a shared history, told through the voices of different generations.

The Sniper: as the bloodiest battle of WW1 rages all around them, three friends find themselves facing a phantom sniper deep in no-man's land. Set against the horror of the Somme one thing is certain: you never see the shots, and the marksman never misses.

The Rocking Stone: the vengeful spirit of the Lady of Threepwood stalks Cuff Hill, bringing death to those who catch her eye. When a black metal box is unearthed in an ancient grave, a young girl’s life is transformed. Only the Rocking Stone holds the answers, with the truth found in the ancient fire cast out from the otherworld.

The Cold, Black Sea: a dying woman returns home for the final time, but with her judgement clouded by visions of the past and present, nothing is quite as it seems. As she tries to lay her demons to rest, she’s dogged by a journalist determined to uncover a terrible secret.

There’s no escape from the cold, black sea.

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Referendum by Campbell Hart


When a mutilated body is discovered under a bridge in a Glasgow park, a chain of events unfolds for the McMahon family. Plagued by poverty, and with options to repay their debts, a vicious loan shark is looking to use their misfortune to build himself a reputation based on fear.

Set against the backdrop of the Commonwealth Games and the Scottish Independence Referendum, DI John Arbogast, is back on the case, looking to bring down this brutal debt collector, while fighting to unmask corruption at the highest level of the new national Police force.

The Poverty of choice

The Nationalist by Campbell Hart

The nationalist

When a suicide bomber targets a memorial service in Glasgow on Remembrance Sunday the nation responds to the bloody carnage left in its wake. DI John Arbogast pursues a small group led by a disaffected military veteran who is hellbent on bringing about political change through brute force.

Set against the backdrop of increasing nationalist support the newly formed Police Scotland must work with Government to hunt down the suspects and bring the culprits to justice. But faced with growing public unease, and intense political pressure, can the terrorists be stopped?

Wilderness by Campbell Hart


The bus is stranded, stuck fast in a snowdrift. The driver is missing along with a young girl. A half naked woman is left behind, handcuffed and freezing on board. Who she is and where the girl has gone unravels into a web of sexual abuse, mental torture and deeply laid family rivalries, spanning from Istanbul to Glasgow.